Join us at the 40th annual Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) to explore the lessons, activities and games that are constantly being added to the new Gynzy board. 

FETC, which takes place January 14 – 17 in Miami, Florida, brings together educational professionals for a “highly collaborative exploration of new technologies, best practices and pressing issues” in the modern classroom. We’ll be at booth 1725, where we will be showing off the new Gynzy board with the help of one of our Gynzy Teachers.

What will I learn about Gynzy at FETC 2020?

The new Gynzy makes it easier than ever for you to integrate activities, images, videos and more into your lessons plans. Create and save your own lessons, or customize one from our growing library of content. And with our easy-to-use Classroom Management tools, you will be able to guide student behavior right from your Interactive Whiteboard.

Gynzy doesn’t just make your job as a teacher easier, though; students love it, too. Our growing library of games and activities lets students have fun while also reinforcing crucial skills such as spelling, counting and vocabulary. And both students and teachers will love our holiday-themed lessons and activities, which can be a nice way to get everyone involved. 

Most importantly, Gynzy is made by teachers, for teachers. Many of our lessons are created with direct input from educators who use Gynzy to engage their students. We frequently ask teachers which new features they’d like to see in Gynzy, so that we keep Gynzy at the leading edge of educational software and Interactive Whiteboard technology. 

How can I get more out of Gynzy?

If you are new to Gynzy, or are still getting used to the new board, visit the Tips and Tricks section of our blog to read the latest features and developments. For example, if you’re a teacher looking for an easy way to pull up customized lessons on your Interactive Whiteboard, you may be interested in the new lesson autosave functionality

Even if you confidently know your way around Gynzy, it could be helpful to review keyboard shortcuts. Our ongoing development of Gynzy makes it easy for educators to integrate technology and multimedia into their curriculum. Just a few shortcuts could save you a lot of time over an entire school year! 

Do you think your class might be interested to share their New Years resolution? Would they enjoy a class-wide discussion about some of their highlights from 2019? Our newly-published New Years lesson contains all of these activities and more.

By the time FETC 2020 has rolled around, there will doubtlessly be tons of new features and lessons on Gynzy for you to check out. Make sure you stop by booth 1725 to learn about new features and lessons from Gynzy!

We look forward to seeing you there; don’t hesitate to contact us in the meantime if you have any questions, comments or concerns.