“I like Gynzy, but my school district won’t pay for that program.”

Don’t let that heartbreaking excuse stop you from acquiring funding for great software. I will share my story of how our school gets this amazing Gynzy software funded.

During Gynzy’s free trial phase teachers were talking at lunch. Gynzy was the topic brought up time and time again.  All of the teachers were excited to tell each other which tool we loved the best. Even the teachers who were especially tentative and fearful of new technology decided to give it a try. After two weeks of use, my colleagues and I wondered how we could ever teach without Gynzy.

To combat lack of funding, I took a couple of hours one afternoon to write a grant. I explained to the granting agency what made Gynzy imperative for our school.

What to emphasize in your grant?

  1. Number of tools and ease of use

First I described the educational tools within Gynzy, sorted by grade-level, subject area, high usage, and Common Core standard. I explained that teachers can quickly find hundreds of tools that are incredibly easy for both students and teachers to use. The tools coincide with lessons effortlessly all day long. Furthermore, new learning activities are added every week based on feedback from teachers who are using the product. So, we know Gynzy is just going to get better and better.

  1. Evidence of increased student engagement

Robert Marzano from The Highly Engaged Classroom stated; ‘If students are not engaged, there is little, if any, chance that they will learn what is being addressed in class. Student engagement happens as a result of a teacher’s careful planning and execution of specific strategies. In other words, student engagement is not serendipitous.’ 

During the 30 day trial teachers stated that Gynzy’s database of tools helped them plan and execute more engaging lessons. Teachers witnessed an increase in student engagement due to the Gynzy activities. Teachers reported students asking, “When will we use Gynzy today?” Those statements and the smiles on students’ faces provide evidence that children were excited to use this learning tool.

  1. Teaming and Professional Development

Teaming is thoughtfully embedded within Gynzy. Teachers are given online space on Gynzy that is personalized where we can save favorites, bundle specific learning objectives, create engaging lessons. Furthermore, teachers are able to share the most successful lessons within our team through the cloud-based storage service. My teammates are just beginning to use this method of instruction. We plan to have professional development and teaming to support Gynzy use next year because we want to learn more. I’m excited to see where this technology will take my team and our students by the end of the school year.

  1. Long-term impact and benefit from using Gynzy

I believe the long term impact of using Gynzy will be felt for years. This generation of students will interact with technology over the course of their lives in ways that we can only imagine. Gynzy gives teachers an opportunity to provide engaging instruction immediately in a way that is simple and engaging via our white boards, to a generation of students who have grown up with access to information technology since they were born. These students expect or will come to expect to have access to information beyond our classroom walls. We are convinced that they deserve to have access, so they may learn as much as they can as quickly as they are able.

  1. Results and plan for the future

When we are able to quantifiably demonstrate an increase in student engagement, increased teacher effectiveness, and an increase in student achievement, we believe will be able to justify Gynzy and other helpful interactive tools in our future budgets. We hope to demonstrate our success with these tools to other grade levels and buildings within our school district and share our success with other schools in our region.

Within a month of the grant application we were awarded a paid subscription for Gynzy for all of the teachers in my school. It was simple to justify funding for this local grant because Gynzy is so incredibly easy to use, well organized, fun, and effective.

Thanks Gynzy! You are making teaching easier and more fun!