Use the bead string tool to help students develop their number sense and visualize numbers in sets of five and ten using red and white beads for accessibility. This essential math tool can help students become comfortable recognizing and working with numbers. Read more below about how you can incorporate this tool into your classroom.

Using the counting beads tool is as simple as dragging the beads to create different sums. You can resize the bead string on the interactive whiteboard to be clearly visible from all points in the classroom. To count the beads, click on one and the number of beads will be shown. 

Via settings you can modify the bead string to meet your classroom needs. You can choose between two kinds of bead strings: a single long string (straight) or a bead string that is divided into multiple rows (winding). You can select how many beads you want displayed on the string and if they are split into groups of 5 or 10. Hit “Save” to begin using the tool according to your custom settings!

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The counting beads tool is just one of the math teaching tools available on our online whiteboard. Our math tools can be easily customized and resized to be used in your teaching however you want to. Other math tools on our whiteboard include:

Try “favoriting” your most-used tools in the Library to make them easily accessible from the Whiteboard. This way you can use the tools as needed throughout the flow of your lessons, including breaks and educational games so students can have fun while they learn about math and other subjects. 

Math Lessons on Gynzy

If you’re looking for inspiration with your lesson planning, you can check out our standards-aligned math lessons that are fully customizable with our tools and games. Our math lessons cover:

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Once you’ve created or customized a math lesson, you save it to your profile where you can organize it into folders and share it with colleagues to collaborate or for students to go through. Our whiteboard provides everything you need for class so that you can get back to focus on teaching. Create an account to get started today. 

Feedback helps

We love your feedback at Gynzy! When creating this tool we took your feedback into account.

“We use real pearl strings for counting, it is so good to show my students on board, what they should be doing.”

“Very important for making math visual, especially in the first and second year when children learn to count to 20.”

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