Are your daily lesson plans lacking a little inspiration? Does your office need a boost into the 21st century? Chances are, if there’s something to be desired about operations in your classroom or boardroom, your SMART Board is probably collecting dust somewhere in a back corner. Whether it’s offering a fresh perspective or overcoming an obstacle, these interactive whiteboards might just be the trick. Read on to discover if you’re exhibiting any of the signs that could mean it’s time to invest in learning more about your SMART Board.

1) You’re Making Tons of Paper Handouts

On average, a sole office employee singlehandedly uses about 10,000 sheets of paper in a year which is equivalent to an entire tree’s worth! Schools admit to using anywhere from about 96,000 to 300,000 sheets of paper a year and beyond! It’s easy to see that offices and places of education are culprits of excessive paper use but it can be curbed. SMART Boards get the information across without the use of paper. Plus, each lesson or meeting can be saved and shared online for future reference that’s earth-friendly.

2) You Don’t Have Any Field Trips Planned

Field trips are an amazing way to integrate unique, hands-on learning into the school year. Unfortunately, due to lack of time, budget, chaperones, or transportation they can’t always happen. SMART Boards provide a way to bring outside learning into a classroom. With the help of SMART Boards, students can take part in an archeological dig, explore art museums, or take a trip around the world or back in time in compelling, effective ways without ever leaving their seats.

3) Your Students Love Games

Like anyone with access to a cell phone, computer, or X Box, your students are more or less addicted to games. And who wouldn’t be? SMART Boards offer the same recreation and entertainment obtained from typical games but also encourage students to work together and learn about anything form math to U.S. history to foreign languages. Game templates are available on the SMART Board Exchange website and can be customized your class’s content and grade level. With games as a source of learning, your students will be counting down the minutes ‘till class time.

4) You Have Remote Employees

Businesses of all sizes often have employees that work remotely and, as a result, can feel out of the loop. Not so with SMART Boards. The SMART Room System for Microsoft Lync allows everyone, anywhere to participate at full capacity. Out-of-office staff can use personal devices like ipads or laptops to join the discussion, views diagrams and charts, and even add content. SMART Boards connects employees whether it’s across the room or across an ocean.

5) Your Students’ Test Scores Are Slipping

When your students aren’t quite making the grade it could be due to a number of factors: difficulty of the material, lack of effort, disinterest in material, you name it. Oftentimes a student’s level of motivation coupled with the effectiveness of in-class teaching is to blame. SMART Boards statistically have proven to increase students’ level of motivation, comprehension of material, and, consequently, test scores. Teacher Tammy Oleksiw from Parma Community School in Parma, Ohio introduced SMART Boards into her third grade mathematics class and saw undeniable results. She reported that for the first time ever 100% of her students passed the Ohio Achievement Test with 95% of them increasing test scores by ten percent or more. An 8th grade science class at Cramerton Middle School in North Carolina noted a gain of 26% in test scores after implementing SMART Boards. The numbers don’t lie-SMART Boards might be the jump start your students need to take their test scores to the next level.

6) You Feel Awkward Facilitating Meetings

Let’s face it, standing in front of a room with everyone’s eyes on you may not be your cup of tea but, in the world of business, sometimes it simply must be done. Standing in front of a room of employees with a SMART Board behind you, however, might make things a little easier. Unlike other presentation tools, SMART Boards allows for meeting to begin quickly without fidgeting around with wires and keys. There’s no clumsy switching back and forth between program to makes notes, show diagrams, or allow for others to add content. Simply use the administrative console to go from Powerpoint to white board mode and back again without a hitch. It’s straight forward, seamless, and will put any hesitant presenter at ease.

7) You’re Still Using the Same Lesson Plans You Designed Five Years Ago

Some things are tried and true but most lesson plans that are more than a year or two old are just tired and outdated. Technology is changing at warp speed and the tools available to us, as well as what students need to know in order to find jobs or make it in the real world is changing even faster. SMART Board offers innumerable lesson tools, tips, and online sharing between teachers through its Notebook and Exchange online sites to give your lessons a much-need forward looking facelift and prepare students for a world that’s becoming more and more tech savvy.

8) Your Employees Look Bored

SMART Boards not only make those facilitating the meeting look super prepared and professional but also invites those listening to be part of the conversation. Employees who are spacing out might need to be roped back in, so pass the digital ink SMART Board pen their way and invite them to literally make their mark on presentation material. With material that is visible and malleable the board room becomes a highly collaborative experience where no one is being talked at, only working with.

9) You are Low on Supplies

Maybe it’s the end of the year, budget cuts, or a high volume of students. For some reason or another, your classroom may be low on basic needs but the show must go on. SMART Boards allow students to have real valuable experience with virtual tools. A SMART Board can turn into a keyboard to be played in music class, a canvas where art students can mix hues and practice a variety of brushstrokes, or a playing field where PE students can test their throwing skills. If you don’t have the supplies, SMART Board has a worthy substitute.

10) Your SMART Board is Still in the Box

It sounds silly, but lots of people are simply afraid to implement new tools and technologies into the classroom. That’s understandable. We all have our methods we’re comfortable with and you may even consider yourself a bit technologically illiterate. Never fear. SMART Board utilizes applications are functions that are familiar to anyone who has ever turned on a computer before. The SMART site is overflowing with solutions, training, and support for even the most uncertain of SMART Board users. Search SMART’s knowledge base for answers or contact a SMART support via phone no matter where you live. SMART is there to hold your hand as you open the box and welcome a whole new world of possibilities.