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Learn why thousands of teachers and students rely on Gynzy for in-person and online learning

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Due to the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus outbreak, the concept of blended learning, which mixes in-person with online instruction, is on everyone’s mind. But how can we expect teachers to prepare for both approaches, in some sense doubling their already high workload? We believe Gynzy can help.

Thousands of teachers and students rely on Gynzy for in-person and online learning. Create an account today to see for yourself what our online whiteboard can offer users no matter where they are located.

What is Blended Learning?

Compared to purely classroom or online learning, there is some ambiguity about what exactly does and does not constitute blended learning. For one, it requires that some in-person instruction is replaced by pure online, distanced learning. This means that simply showing your class a YouTube video or having them make a presentation on Google Slides isn’t blended learning, because it is utilizing the Internet to enrich in-person teaching, rather than replace it entirely.

Another part of the definition, besides replacing at least some in-person learning with online learning, is that students have some type of control over how they are learning. What exactly that level of control is or should be will likely continue to be a subject of debate.

One of the big questions about blended learning is how in-person and online learning can contribute to a cohesive curriculum that is enriched rather than hamstrung by being split up by location. This is where Gynzy, which is loaded with lessons and activities that you can do from anywhere with Internet access, comes in.

What are the Benefits of Blended Learning?

One obvious benefit of blended learning is it encourages technical and information literacy among students. Now more than ever, the ability to find reliable information about a topic is a skill in itself. The online aspect of blended learning empowers students to think critically about how and where they are consuming information from, a critically important skill in today’s digital age.

Another benefit of blended learning is that the online portion of it can happen asynchronously, meaning that the information doesn’t need to be accessed in real time but at the students discretion. This is especially important in households with multiple students but limited Internet-accessible devices, as it allows students to learn at a pace that works for them.

The other benefit of blended learning is that it offers ‘the best of both worlds’ of online and in-person learning. In-person learning allows for the socialization that is so fundamental to school, while online learning centers learning on the devices where modern students spend so much of their free time. Blended learning can allow students to benefit from both of these approaches when done successfully. 

Managing the Transition Between In-Person and Online Learning

One of the biggest objections a teacher could raise about a wide-spread blended learning model is that it increases workload, as a teacher seemingly needs to prepare their curriculum to function in two entirely different formats.

Luckily, Gynzy can function as a central hub through which your learning materials can be made accessible for everyone. All of our pre-made lessons are standards aligned and enriched with games and activities students will love. You can customize these lessons however you’d like and save them to your profile, or create your own from scratch, and then share them directly to Google Classroom

The best part is that when you sign up for a school-wide Gynzy account, you are granted access to a shared school folder so that all users can freely share the resources they have created. With Gynzy, blended learning is convenient for teachers, parents, and administrators, and a blast for students who will love the activities and games that enrich every lesson.