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7 reasons that make Gynzy so special

Interactive whiteboard software that puts the teacher back at the center.

Through our intensive cooperation with teachers, Gynzy is easy to use. We test everything with teachers, before we add it to Gynzy.

Truly simple to use

Gynzy is packed with handy tools that make teaching easier and more enjoyable. Fun and educational tools such as Traffic, Count the Money or the Birthday Cake. Handy work sheets, videos and images. And smart Mini's such as the Traffic Light and the TimeTimer.
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Children think it's great

We listen

Gynzy is in sync with the conceptual world of children Children are very enthusiastic about the interactive whiteboard and Gynzy.
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Continuous development

Use it anywhere, on any interactive whiteboard

Simple administration

Every week we add a new tool and improve Gynzy, so Gynzy gets better every week.
Everything is saved in the cloud. Log in to your Gynzy from any smartboard or computer. Even at home.
For school IT coordinators we have a special administration environment available. A convenient overview of all users.

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